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New tours, new merch, new album!

Greetings from scenic Southern Illinois ya’ll! Big stuff planned for the next 2 months. First off, check out the new shirts on the merch page! Guy’s red, white, and blue Blacktops logo shirts, and girl’s eyeball and hot rod racer shirts!
This year is packing up fast with shows. Next month we’ll be out east, hitting Rockabilly at the V again, and visiting some of our old pals in the Cleveland area for the first time in years! We’ll also be back in NYC at Beast of Bourbon, and playing Mark’s Party outside of Philly. In June, we’ll be hitting Wichita, The Rockabilly on the Route in New Mexico, and a handful of Texas shows as well.
May will also bring a new Blacktops CD! Its going to be an all acoustic album, and we’ll be letting you the fans pick which Blacktops hits you want to hear covered acoustic! I want to record it in one take, with cool stories, and maybe some fun facts about each of the tunes. Should be a great time!
Stay tuned for more news, and always keep an eye on the facebook events page for shows near you.
Peace & grease ya’ll…

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