The  Franklin County Trucking Company

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(I know what you’re thinking…”What the hell, just is just a tab from the Number 9 Blacktops page!?” Well, I’m for sure not dropping any money on hosting for a band that’s just a side project. You made it here didn’t ya? You can buy shit here, you can see the shows here, I’m happy, you’re happy. Oh yeah, and thank you for the support!) – Jim :-)Welcome to the Adventures of the Franklin County Trucking Company! Here you can find all the merch, news, links, etc to your favorite trucker rock’n’roll band!


FcoTco was the brainchild of Skinny Jim Rotramel. “I had written a few truck drivin’ songs in the Blacktops, and wanted to do an album paying respect to the old trucker country artists from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Of course, it had to be rocked up.” exclaims Rotramel.

Rotramel ran the idea by former Dallas Alice bandmate Sean Hopkins, who was on board from the start. “I asked Sean to write a few of the songs. He wrote half, and I wrote half. Throw in a couple of covers, that was it!” says Rotramel. Sean is quick to point out that he and Jim have about a total of 30 minutes worth of effort in these songs….

Former Number 9 Blacktops drummer Taylor Sprehe handles the drum duties with ease. “Taylor is the hardest hitting drummer I have ever played with. Sean and I ran the songs by him one evening, and he hit the studio the next day. 4 hours later, he had them all knocked out!” states Rotramel.

When it came down to finding a bass player that would fit the project, there was no other choice but Supersuckers frontman Eddie Spaghetti. “This project fits him to a “T”. Greasy trucker rock’n’roll, with a hint of country music thrown in” says Jim. Eddie was stoked about the project, and agreed to track bass and vocals after a Supersuckers show in St. Louis one night. That afternoon, Eddie and band got snowed in outside of Kansas City, and couldn’t make it to St. Louis. (insert wrench in gear here). This postponed the album big time. After searching for compromising schedules, Eddie flew to St. Louis in March and spend 2 days tracking bass, vocals, and assisting with production on the album at Sawhorse Studios. Engineer Jason McEntire broke his leg a few days before the session (insert another wrench into said gears), but luckily Preston Jones stepped up to assist with tracking.

The tracking was finished up late March (2017), and the project was sent off to Dave Harris at Studio B Mastering in Charlotte, NC. Cover art was based off of the old 70s trucker albums, and features West Frankfort, IL’s hometown legend “Wild” Bill Reinschmidt…

**ALBUM 2!**   “The Further Adventures of the Franklin County Trucking Company” is due out Spring 2019, and features J.D. Wilkes on harmonica!!!


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