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Franklin County Trucking Company

The FcoTco store is up!!! Click on the tab above to get all your truckin’ tunes and road songs!

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Callie on the Job

Thank you to the wonderful Ms. Callie Carroll from WSILTV3 for joining us on stage at John Brown’s last Friday for her “on the job” segment! Check out the info here.

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Franklin County Trucking Company

You may notice a “FCOTCO” tab at the top of this site. That takes you to Jim’s side project with Eddie Spaghetti, Sean Hopkins, and Taylor Sprehe…the Adventures of the Franklin County Trucking Company! 10 sleazy truck drivin’ rock’n’roll tunes you’ll dig for sure. Check it out above!

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Germany, Finland this Summer

This May/June will mark my 10th and 11th trips to Europe for Rock’n’Roll and good ole’ Rockabilly! We will be in Germany for 9 days at the end of May into June, then back to the Midsummer Jamboree in Finland on June 24 and a quick trip to Berlin for the Roadrunner’s Paradise Race 61

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O’Douds Apothecary

We are happy to announce that we are now endorsed by O’Douds Apothecary from Brooklyn, New York! O’Douds pomades and products rock, and keep us looking sharp and feeling good both on and off the stage. Please drop by their website and tell them The Number 9 Blacktops sent ya! http://odouds.us/

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Acoustic album, Winter tour….

In the next few weeks I’ll start asking for your opinion on which Blacktops songs you want on the upcoming acoustic album. It’s going to be your call…anything off of Horsepower! Horsepower!, Daredevil Action, Cool on my Right, or The County Circle Track. I’ll tell the story of the song, some fun facts perhaps, and

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New tours, new merch, new album!

Greetings from scenic Southern Illinois ya’ll! Big stuff planned for the next 2 months. First off, check out the new shirts on the merch page! Guy’s red, white, and blue Blacktops logo shirts, and girl’s eyeball and hot rod racer shirts! This year is packing up fast with shows. Next month we’ll be out east,

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Its alive! Pre-order sales!

The new CD will be available this Monday, December 15th. We are starting pre-order sales today! You can get yours ordered in the “merch” section of this site. The official CD release party will be this Saturday, December 20th, in Braunschweig, Germany at the Gearbox. Thank you for all the support….now go order some CDs!

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The County Circle Track

The new CD will be released Saturday, December 20th, at The Gearbox in Braunschweig, Germany! Online sales will be available this Monday, December 15th. You can order the CD from our “merch” page. Itunes songs can be purchased here.  Thanks ya’ll!! Skinny jim