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The Further Adventures of the Franklin County Trucking Company



The latest release from The Franklin County Trucking Company is now available! Pick yours up on the FCOTCO tab here, or download at https://music.apple.com/album/1482250705?app=itunes&ls=1

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Felix Hackmann, Jim, and Chuck Berry’s guitar…..

Started a fun project this month when my good friend and amazing drummer Felix Hackmann from the Germany rockabilly band “Hotwire” was in the USA. We tracked a few tunes at Sawhorse Studios in St. Louis, Missouri. Charles Berry Jr. allowed me to record a few tracks with his dad’s 1960 Gibson 345! Here it is in this number. (just scratch vocals and scratch bass on this one, and COMPLETELY unmixed, etc., but you can feel the mojo!)

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Upcoming shows


This weekend we’re with the one and only Jesco White at his house in Tennessee. We’ll be playing some tunes for his birthday party and keeping Jes dancin’ all night long!

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Bigsby Vibratos


Stoked to announce that we are officially working with Bigsby! They make an awesome product, and are amazing folks to deal with. Check out more at http://www.bigsby.com/vibe/artists/skinny-jim-rotramel/

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New tunes…

Lininl em up, knockin’ em out. New album this Spring.

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Buffalo Trace Bourbon!

buf We are extremely excited to announce that we are now working with the great folks at Buffalo Trace Bourbon! This company is amazing, and has been making bourbon for over 200 years. Keep on the lookout here for upcoming promotions, giveaways, Buffalo Trace shows, and more!

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Germany, 2018

Working on Europe again for 2018!!! Details soon….. safe_image


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Eville Shindig!


This Sunday, September 3rd we’ll be playing the Eville Shindig at Pistons Bar in Evansville, IN. Tons of great bands!

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Trucker hats in stock!!!

Trucker hats back in stock!!! $20 & shippin’


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Fco Tco news….

Be sure and hop over to the “fcotco” tab to pick up the new side project album from Jim, Sean, Taylor, and Spaghetti. And a big THANK YOU to SiriusXM’s Outlaw Country and Mojo Nixon for spinning some tracks!